Five for Friday: my weekend antics

So, I actually wrote this last Friday but forgot to post it. I haven’t had time to write a new Five for Friday so in the interests of reducing waste and recycling (good for the online environment perhaps?) here’s last week’s post:

(with some new comments added in italics)

Okay, we’re working on an exciting website relaunch at work which means all my working days have been spent working. Yes, yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I know, but I mean early starts, working through lunch and leaving at the end of the day with a mushed and frazzled brain. So no time for thinking about or writing blog posts.

So this Five for Friday is dead simple, what I’m doing this weekend.

1. Taking Ralphie for walkies. Will he finally move from energetic paddling to actual swimming? How many rabbits, squirrels, ducks will he chase? Will he fetch the ball AND give it back instead of run off with it? Who knows.

He chased all of the above, still can’t swim or bring the ball back AND we had to use scissors to cut shrubbery out of his knotted fur after a vigorous off the lead experience *sigh*

2. Romantical Come Dine With Me at my buddy Buchy’s house. We (three couples) have to wear something romantic apparently and spend the evening eating, drinking and talking all things romantic.  I really hope her husband is cooking though, there’s nowt romantic about food poisoning.

Had an awesome time, the food (rack of lamb!) was yummers and I had the hangover from hell the following day. Always the sign of a good night. I heart my friends.

Heart socks

3. Looking at some properties. Me and hubby are considering our next step on the ladder of life and this means upgrading to a bigger house. The spare room cum office cum drying room is driving us mad and we need more space, and of course an adequate garden for Ralphie and nearby greenery so he can do his off lead thing. And we don’t want red carpet (so many rentals have red carpet, what’s that all about!!?) So we have a challenge on our hands. We saw a house in the week which smelled like a dead pig and had an unflushed poo in the toilet. Nice.

This seems like a very important decision to make and is proving stressful. It seems I can’t have everything I want for the budget I have and without red carpet. This means compromise, bleurgh.

4. Research on characterisation for the Mistresses of Trope blog and a spot of reading – currently Bodies Electric by Colin Harrison.

Didn’t get round to doing this although I did read some of my book. It’s very long so gonna take me a while.

5. Changing my name on important documents. Since getting married I spend copious amounts of time flitting between surnames and email addresses and generally getting confused. So I’m going to attempt to swap everything over into my married name, and the sooner the better. Paypal seem to want photo ID, bank statements, marriage certificate and fingerprints to change the name on my account. Slight exaggeration, but still, surely it’s easier to delete the account and open a new one?

£90 for a new passport!!! It’s not just the wedding that eats all your money, it never ends. Obviously TOTALLY worth it though, my husband rocks.

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