The pen in the knickers story…

One of the reasons I love my friends is because most of them are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The sender of the email below, bless her heart, shall remain nameless… but had me rocking in my seat with laughter, tears streaming down my eyes. This gal is a grade A nutjob and I love her for it.

Email subject header: Important

I just discovered a pen in my knickers.

There’s an explanation. I took my pen into the loo (don’t know why) then got a phone call so while chatting to the person (while I was on the loo) I obviously just placed the pen on my knickers just as a holding place. Then when I finished, got up, pulled my trousers up and left.

It felt odd, sure. But nothing OTT cos, ya know, the pen was lying across my knickers, there was no other contact.

Have a great weekend, Slinger!

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