Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

Before I Go To Sleep by SJ WatsonThis is the best book I’ve read in yonks, utterly unputdownable, intriguing, well written and emotional. Loved it.

SJ Watson has done herself proud with this debut novel which sees Christine wake up each morning believing herself to be in her 20s. In fact she’s approaching 50 and spends each day relearning her lost 30 years only to wake up the next day with a wiped memory. And she attempts to discover who she is and how she became to be this way, we’re taken on an emotional journey. Who do you trust when you have no memory?

And how uncomfortable to wake up each day thinking you’ve maybe had a drunken one-night stand when you open your eyes to the hairy back of an unknown man. Then, in the mirror, you’re greeted with the reality of wrinkled skin, grey hairs and sagging boobs and the fact the man in bed with you is the husband you have no memory of.

I read this book in less than a week, which is very quick for me and I was searching for every opportunity to snuggle up and pore over its pages, desperate to unravel Christine’s truth. And I felt devastation on her behalf; like there’s an emotional connection between the reader and Christine, like you can feel the mental torment at not being able to trust your own memories and having to live a life so far removed from normality.

Such a clever plot, gritty characters and there’s a bluntness to SJ Watson’s writing that delivers impact and depth that I haven’t come across in a while.

If every book I read was like this I’d be delighted. When I finished the final page I wanted to shout from the rooftops “this book is utterly awesome and I’m gutted I’ve finished it”.

Should you read this book? Yes, right now. There are twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

Robyn’s rating: 10/10

Posted: June 2010

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  • Reply Carrie Anne Walton June 29, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Ooh sounds excellent Rob, I’m gonna have a look on Amazon.

  • Reply robynbateman June 30, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I can’t see how anyone could not like the book, it’s such a fab concept. Hope you enjoy! :0)

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  • Reply Carrie Anne Walton (@Cazzdevil) September 22, 2011 at 11:41 am

    I did one up on you, I read it in less than 2 days. I started it at about 9pm on Tuesday and finished it at 00:15am this morning (Thursday). Like you, I just couldn’t put it down and I was desperate to find out what Christine was going to discover next. Besides, there was knickers all on TV (brief pause while I watched The Fades) so I was keen to read rather than watch some rubbish about fat teenagers.

    Now call me a cynic, but I felt the ending slightly let it down a bit. I see where SJ Watson was going and I appreciate the way it ended but I really felt like more could’ve been done.

    Fab book though and could be responsible for rekindling my urge to read more. Thanks for the recommendation ;o)

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