Five for Friday – into the ideas box

Scrunched up bits of paper on a deskMe and the hubbles came up with an idea the other week. Yeah, I know, we suprised ourselves too. Our idea is to write on individual pieces of paper lots of things we like to do, or are fun to do, or things we want to do in the future. We then stick them in a box and when we’re bored we’ll pluck one out of the box and do what it says.

So today’s Five for Friday is things that could go in the box…

1) Plan a weekend in a European city

I’ve seen a few European cities but I’m getting to the age where, while I love lying in the sunshine with a book in my hand and sipping a cocktail, I can’t do it for every holiday as it gets boring. There are so many fab cities in Europe to explore and I like the idea of soaking up some culture and trying new foods.Anyone got any recommendations?

2) Take Ralphie for a long walk somewhere we haven’t ever been before

I love walkies time but it’s easy to get bored with the same old routes, even though Ralphie is more interested in smells than scenery. I like the idea of jumping in the car and just driving somewhere, maybe even to the coast, for a completely new walk. That said, Ralphie would probably like a trip to the rubbish tip, he’s a little litter picker – he has to pick up every crisp packet, polystyrene cup or pastic bag he passes and carry it along for a while, sometimes all the way home. Give the dog a badge.

3) Write a blog post on the day’s activities

Let’s hope it’s a day when I’ve done something more interesting than have a lie in, watch TV in my pyjamas and clean up dog poop.

4) Bake a new cake recipe and give it to a friend

I quite like baking cakes and have become quite fond of tea and a slice of cake after a long dog walk. Yes, I am getting old. I even have the urge to buy one of those fancy three-tiered cake stands so I can invite the girls over, sup tea made in a proper tea pot, chomp on cakes and cucumber sandwiches and talk about the weather. I blame Kate and Wills. So it would be nice to experiment with my baking efforts and then hand the work of art over to someone else, for them to enjoy.

5) Rearrange furniture in one of the rooms at home

I don’t know about you but I get bored easily, with everything. When I was a kid I was forever moving my bedroom furniture around, kind of creating a whole new living space. I don’t do it too much now – more because furniture will only really fit properly in one position, but it’s worth a go! Obviously these are things me and hubbles have to do together – or we’ll have to pick an item out each. I can’t see him being up for writing a random blog post and I’m pretty sure he’ll be putting in a piece of paper which days “Go out and buy a 50-inch TV”.

Cleary there are loads more I can throw into the mix here. Any suggestions?

Picture by mskogly and taken from Flickr under the Creative Commons Licence


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  • Reply Jane matthews June 12, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Reminds me of when I was working nights in London. On my days off I would just show up at one of the London terminuses, study the departures board, and jump on a train going somewhere that shouted out to me. Among my best times Canterbury and Colchester, the malverns and peak district.

  • Reply robynbateman June 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

    What a great idea (as long as the train lines are working!)

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