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TV remote controlI’ve got, like, five minutes to write this post so let’s keep it brief. Much to my other half’s distaste there have been loads of great TV dramas on lately – which means I demand complete silence in order to watch them and he sulks because he has the attention span of a gnat.

Here’s my top five (in no particular order)

1) The Shadow Line
Dark, drug baron/police drama in eight episodes on BBC2. It finished last night and was utterly amazing. One of the most intelligent, complex and inspired dramas I’ve seen in a long time. I just can’t tell you how excellent – and unpredictable – it is.

2) Luther
Second series started this week with Idris Alba (Stringer Bell of The Wire fame) as a messed up copper with a good heart. It rocks.

3) The Good Wife
Series two just finished and I’m not sure if life will be the same until series three rolls around later this year. I love this show and once watched 10 episodes of series one in a single day. I LOVE all the characters, they’re fab in their own way, and the writers intertwine their personal dilemmas around some seriously wicked criminal and civil cases.

4) Scott and Bailey
It’s got some crime in it and some decent cases although they lack a bit of grit. What is likeable about this is the three main women detectives in this – flawed, likeable and funny. An easy watch at 9pm on a Sunday.

5) Casualty
Gotta love this. It’s an easy watch (apart from the odd gory, blood-spattered scene) and I like the characters and the medical story lines.

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