My day with the Blue Army

Excuses for not blogging of late – house move, no internet, work mania and flagging mojo. So here’s a mega quick post so you know I’m still alive…

I went to Wembley on Bank Holiday Monday to watch Reading v Swansea in the playoff final for a promotion slot in the Prem. I’m no footy fan, but hubbles is a die-hard Reading supporter and I was happy to tag along and soak up the atmosphere.

I don’t think I could be a footy fan, it was quite stressful. I was really enjoying it, even the chanting of “Blue Army” and “Come on URZ” etc and the laughs and smiles at what is one impressivly massive stadium. 40,000 Reading fans in attendance – and that’s double what the team’s own Madjeski Stadium holds!

All was well until Swansea scored three goals in the first half and that kinda took the shine off the game for me, the glimmer of hope for Reading fading as fast as the colour from my hubby’s face. But they pulled back two corkers in the second half and the buzz returned. A second penalty for Swansea though and it was all over.

So, gutted for Reading and their loyal supporters but chuffed to have been part of something big, exciting and… a tad expensive. Worth it though. Nice hotdogs too, nom nom.

Me with a Reading scarf outside Wembley Stadium

Me and my Reading scarf outside Wembley Stadium

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