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Meant to post this yesterday as a Five for Friday but I’ve just thought of a sixth, perfecto. I moved house (again) last month and a new house brings new changes. So here are my Six for Saturday…

Bury Field, Newport Pagnell

This is what you see at 6am!

1) Early riser – since the move and following a week off to get settled, a new work-day routine commenced. We’d always walked the dog for 10 minutes before work anyway but now we’re up and at ’em by dawn and 6am spells an hour-long stroll for Ralphie the cocker spaniel. Me and hubbles take it in turns to get up and take Ralphie out and with more walking options nearby, it’s been a pleasure. I’m no morning fan but there’s something energising about being up early and taking in the fresh air – that a look at that view (pictured). Plus, we have a very happy doggy on our hands. There’s also less of a rush. Before it was wake, shower, dress, quick walk and run out the door. Now we have time to watch BBC Breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea or slice of toast and actually wake up properly before we start the working day. Here’s hoping it lasts!

2) Recycling – I have always recycled but not as much as I could have. The logistics of the new house make it a bit easier to recycle more, so I’m now equipped with a rainbow of bins, bags and boxes so I can recycle the right things in the right places. I’m also trying to generate less rubbish – old clothes etc that I’d once throw out are now taken to recycling banks or dropped off at charity shops. This has also been reinforced at work with a scheme which saw our office bins replaced with paper trays. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs but I now have a small trek on my hands to dispose of an apple core at work and empty my own paper tray. But it’s a good thing – encouraging recycling and exercise at the same time, plus people have to take responsibility for their own rubbish, not put paper in the catch-all bin because it’s near to them, but take a short walk to the paper recycling bin.

3) House proud – a new house that you’re comfortable in and proud of makes you want to keep it that way. My husband has developed a new affection for the vacuum cleaner and we’re making an effort to tidy away after ourselves instead of letting housework pile up.

4) A haven for writing – I now have a study, shared with hubbles, which is a haven for working or writing. In my case, writing. Hopefully I’ll be picking the novel up again very soon and making a dent in the second round of edits if I am ever going to get it in shape to start pitching for an agent. But I suspect it will be more a haven for blogging as I’m finding that more enjoyable than the novel, for now, not least because publication in much quicker than easier than getting a book on the shelves! But I think having a clean space – not shared with a spare bed, the weekly washing and everything else we can cram into a room because it doesn’t have a home of its own – will make a difference.

5) Dressing to impress – as the fitted wardrobe in my bedroom isn’t nearly big enough to house all my clothers and shoes I’ve been allowed to turn one of the other rooms into my wardrobe and book room. Two large bookshelves filled with books straddle a huge wardobe, home to clothes, shoes and bags. With more organisation – and all my clothes now hanging neatly rather than stored in ad hoc piles around the house – I should, in theory, mean I can find what I want, see all my options and therefore dress a little better. It’s easy to forget about that neat D&G handbag when it’s buried at the back of the wardrobe or the killer Carvela heels I’ve only worn once because they live under the bed. And maybe my outfits will be inspired by the books which surround me as I dress -big pants a la Bridget Jones one day, medical scrubs courtesy of Kay Scarpetta the next, or sexy and chic thanks to Trinny and Susannah another. As if!

Sky remote control and TV6) PS I just thought of a sixth thing – making that Six for Saturday, yay! Another change is that I now have Sky. Oh, how I’ve missed Sky. BT Vision was the best option available at the last place but poor signal, jumping movies and no HD was never going to replace Sky. Love it.


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  • Reply Caz June 4, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Your own dressing room eh. I’m jealous as sin, I’m utterly desperate to move out of this rubbish house I’ve lived in for almost 12 years now but for so many reasons I can’t at the minute.

    Agree totally about Sky too – HD knocks spots off everything. Gordon can’t bring himself to watch a footy match that’s not in HD now.

  • Reply Scott Russon June 5, 2011 at 10:29 am

    All you (I) need now is an Xbox 🙂

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