Wunderbar! On getting published in Germany…

My good friend, awesome colleague and super talented writer Tracy Buchanan – AKA Buchy (pronounced Bucky) – blogs about what it’s like to get published in Germany…

Sternenwandler front cover

The book

When I wrote my debut novel Shimmer, I never dreamed it would be popping its publishing cherry in Germany. But just as David Hasselhoff and Bananarama struck a chord with our friends overseas, Shimmer seemed to really connect to German publishers. So, on Valentine’s Day this year, it hit German bookshelves as Sternenwandler (translated as Starshifter).

Tracy Buchanan

Tracy Buchanan

So what is it German teens are getting excited about? Shimmer tells the story of a girl called Tori whose life takes a turn for the weird when she’s saved from the local thug by a horse that morphs into a boy. That boy is Cam, a dude with a genetic mutation that means he can morph into any person or animal he meets. They start really falling for each other but, as Shakespeare once said, the course of true love never did run smooth. Their relationship is tested as Tori contends with her parents’ abusive relationship and Cam struggles to control his abilities – there’s nothing like morphing into your girlfriend’s dad to ruin the moment! Then events start spiralling out of control when Tori discovers her dad captures people like Cam for a living…

So, what’s it like being published in Germany? The same, I imagine, as being published in the UK apart from the fact it’s pretty hands-off from an editorial point of view if your book is in English. Piper Verlag hired a great translator, Vanessa Lamatsch, and she got on with translating the book brilliantly. Beatrice, my editor at Piper Verlag, is a dream to work with and kept me posted with the book cover design and blurb. Then when the publication date approached, we discussed marketing plans: Piper sent out copies to bloggers and we made deleted scenes, playlists and more available via the Piper Fantasy website and these went out via their eNewsletters. And I launched a friendship eCard which you can see on my German website (designed by the fabulous Westfourstreet) and check it out below…


So, what’s next? Hopefully an English or US publisher will love the look of Shimmer too and we’ll see it on the bookshelves here. In the meantime, I just finished my gothic romance, Jar of Hearts, which I’ll be querying agents with soon! To keep posted, visit my website at www.tracybuchanan.co.uk and if you speak German, you simply MUST buy a copy of Sternenwandler here or I’ll mess with your genetic code and turn you into a shapeshifter (actually, that’d be quite cool…)

Auf wiedersehen!

Posted: June 2011

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