Brunette is best

I made a mistake on Friday… having taken the decision two months ago to change my hair colour from red-ish to blonde-ish (I fancied yet another change), I went to the hairdressers on Friday to go even blonder. You see, going lighter takes some time, especially as my hair’s been all sorts of colours over the past few years and blonde needs a bit of time to really take hold. Apparently.

Blonde hair disaster

Seriously bad hair day

But my hair sucked up all that bleach and now I have very blonde hair, whatever ‘very blonde’ means. And it’s dry as a bone. And it feels like straw. And I HATE it.

Every time I glance in the mirror, rage races through my blood, and I’ve spent the weekend with it tied up so I don’t have to see it scratching at my face or get my hand stuck in it when I attempt to move it from my eyes. It’s horrid.

Apart from it looking and feeling as thirsty as a desert – oh, how I miss the shine – I really don’t think I suit being a blonde. It’s just not me.

So, after wailing to my lovely hairdresser down the phone (she must think I’m bonkers) I return to the there at the end of the week to go dark brown. Dark, dark brown. For me, brunette is best, it’s what I’m comfortable with, it’s who I am. And I’m hoping the shine and gloss I once had will come back too.

Fingers crossed it’s not too windy this week, I’m fearful of my hair snapping off at the roots in a big gust of the stuff. Reminds me of when I was about 12 and the hairdresser suggested I cropped my long hair. I had no idea that cropping meant CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT!!!! otherwise I’d never have agreed. What resulted was a lot of tears, a refusal to go to school until it had grown back and a lesson to always talk the same language as my hairdresser.

To be fair, this time my hairdresser (not the evil woman who scarred my childhood) did what I asked and did it well. I have the blonde hair I asked for. What I didn’t realise was that with a bleached bonce comes knots, brittle locks and a fond longing to be a brunette again as quickly as possible. Roll on Friday!

Have you ever had any hair disasters?

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  • Reply Sally Ford September 19, 2011 at 8:16 am

    I am a constant hair disaster! In my attempt to go blonde, I am currently white-blonde at the roots and a pale minty turquoise at the ends.

    If you’re near a Superdrug today, pop in and ask for their own brand coconut oil. It’s a quid or two, and a little pinch of this warmed between your hands and run through your hair will soften the bleach damage a bit, i swear by this stuff!

  • Reply robynbateman September 20, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Pale turquoise is cool though Sally! Straw blonde is so not! But I’m liking the sound of the coconut oil and there’s a Superdrug down the road from me, I’m so there. Thanks for the tip :0)

  • Reply Carrie Anne Walton (@Cazzdevil) September 21, 2011 at 8:21 am

    The exact same thing happened with my perm last year. I went into the hairdressers and asked for a perm. “You don’t want a perm Carrie, you’ll regret it” says my hairdresser. “No I won’t” says I so they did it. Less than 2 hours after leaving the salon I was in the shower frantically trying to wash it out. I went back the following week and had it permed straight.

    That’s a £100 mistake I’ll NEVER make again!

    We live and learn Ducky, we live and learn. Brunette is definitely best for you. Well… Reddy brown…

  • Reply robynbateman September 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I love it – hairdresser knows best! Although mine didn’t warn me about the side effects of being blonde. Going to be dark, dark brown by Friday lunch time :0) PS Do you have any perm pix you’d like to share???

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