Reign supreme: 100 ideas for your blog #1

One of my birthday presents two weeks ago was a copy of No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog by Margaret Mason, from my good friend Angie.

In it are 100 prompts to help you create interesting blog posts and, in the absence of a ‘Project 365‘, I’m going to dip into this book throughout the year and follow its lead. Starting with #1 – reigning supreme. An example of this is Heather Powazek Champ belies the world would be a more beautiful place if toilet roll is positioned in a certain way on a holder. I happen to disagree, but that’s another matter.

So my reign supreme post is this: if you’re not going to eat your steak rare or even medium rare then you shouldn’t be eating steak at all. To order your steak well done is offensive to the taste buds, to the chef who has to cook it that way and also to the poor animal who died to give you dinner. Yes, the thought of blood dripping from your meat is possibly a tad disturbing but get past it; think of it as jus and tuck in. I promise you’ll enjoy it way more. If you can’t eat your steak rare or medium rare then skip past it on the menu and plump for something else. The phrase “well done” should only be used to praise someone for something they’ve done, not to describe how you want your food cooked.

Picture by missmeng via Flickr under this licence

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