Kate and Wills join the cocker spaniel club

Ralphie chewing a slipper on a sunbedI’m not usually one for blogging about the Royals, but it seems I have something in common with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

They’ve just adopted a black cocker spaniel puppy which means they’re signing up for a lifetime of happy bum wiggles, being beaten round the legs by an endlessly waggy tail, the mystery of the quiff that won’t stay down, lots of cuddles, squirrels chases, squeaky toys and a spot of bad breath. Excellent choice!

When I saw this picture of Kate and Wills with the new member of their family I thought, just for a minute, that Ralphie had upped sticks, packed his squeaky duck, a chewed up tennis ball and box of gravy bones and hauled his furry ass to Anglesea for a stroll on the beach with Kate and Wills.

To be fair, Ralphie has it pretty good at home (although he probably thinks he’s hard done by) but I’m not sure we could compete with royalty. Thankfully, the pupster in the pic is just a Ralphie lookalike and my cocker spaniel buddy is curled up on the single sofa in front of the bay window, on guard duty. His job, you see, is to bark at anyone who dares to walk past our house so Kate and Wills can sleep easy knowing they have someone to protect their turf. And poo on their floor.

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