Moan for Monday: texting sucks

I’ll try not to do this too often, I promise, but Monday is a great day for moaning. And here’s today’s theme… texting. I just hate texting.

Rewind five years and I was glued to my phone and texted all the time, replying to people swiftly and engaging in regular text convos. Now, it’s days before I can be bothered to reply and that’s not because I don’t like the person at the other end of the message, I just find texting tiresome.

I hate texting textThis is for several reasons…

Firstly, my phone is now used for so much more then phone calls and texting; I check emails, read the news, take photographs, do social media stuff, check train times, find directions… the list goes on. So texting is just another thing to do and it tends to take too much time. Which leads to my second point…

I’m rubbish at text speak, it feels wrong to truncate the English language in such a  ruthless way and I fear I’ll end up sending textual (that’s textual, not sexual, which may be a word I’ve just made up) messages that sounds like they’ve come directly from the chewed up fingertips of a teenager. I’m 32. So my texts aren’t always short and if they are, they probably sound rude.

This increased use of my phone is uncomfortable too. I get finger ache, knuckle ache, wrist ache and arm ache, no doubt due to my bad posture which just gets worse with a phone in my hand. If I stopped mid text and looked in the mirror, I’d probably see a hunched over, lady, shoulders curled forward, head down, arms and fingertips tensed. I tense while typing at speed, and it’s really not good for the old body. 21st century communication is bad for the skeleton.

So I much prefer email, it’s quicker, hurts less and messages can be sent to more than one person and replied to by more than one person. Texting to multiples means you get five replies but the other four people in the convo don’t. Not good for group discussions.

So I keep my texting brief, avoid sending pointless ones and don’t reply to “see you in five mins, I’m running a bit late” ‘cos there’d be no point. My mum, on the other hand, reads a text asking if dinner’s still on for Wednesday and while she says yes to herself she fails to communicate that yes by sending a text back. Bless.

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. How do you feel about texting?

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