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It’s been a while since I blogged, and even longer since I blogged regularly. Somehow, having kids and all that that entails, has seen my writing slip to one side and I fear I’m not as good at it as I once was. I’m out of practice. So, stealing inspiration from this post, here’s one to ease myself back in…

Reading: Well, I’m not actually reading anything at the moment, in anticipation of the publication of The Atlas of Us – tomorrow! It’s author, my good friend Tracy Buchanan, had two dreams: to have a baby and to get a UK publishing deal. Typically, both arrived at the same time but she’s so super talented (and a bit bonkers) that she’s managed to write a book and raise a lovely little girl all at the same time. Hats off to Buchy! The last book I read was The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult and it’s utterly amazing. I urge anyone to read it and not want to change their life for the better afterwards. It’s just fantastic.

Listening to: I don’t get chance to listen to music much, but my daughter’s enthralled with The Muppets so me and hubby often find ourselves singing the songs long after the kids have gone to bed, and even when we wake in the morning. They’re catchy little numbers! “I’m having a me party…”

Laughing at: My kids. They do funny stuff all the time, stuff that no one else would think funny, probably. But I do. They make me chuckle every single day.Richard and Halle Bateman

Swooning over: My husband. We don’t get much quality alone time together but it’s always been him, It always will be. Soppy stuff, I know. Bluergghhh.

Planning: Christmas. Sounds stupid but our last two chrimbos have been total stress fests; moving house and having babies – or both at the same time. This year we’ve booked time off to really endulge in the the run up to Christmas,  buy/make/wrap Christmas presents, glug mulled wine (home made, of course), watch festive movies and litter the house in twinkly lights. December is a busy time for us with out wedding anniversary and my birthday, plus it’s my son’s first birthday this Christmas Eve so there will no doubt be a mini party.

Eating lots of: If I’d written this two weeks ago I’d be saying chocolate brioche. But, along with a handful of colleagues, I’ve signed up to Weight Watchers to shed the last of my baby weight and this week I’ve been chowing down on what WW call’s filling and healthy food.

Feeling: Hungry.

Discovering: What it’s like to be a working mum. I went back to work this month after 18 months of maternity leave following the birth of my Irish twins. Lots of stuff is new but lots of stuff is familiar, it’s quite odd. Aside from the military operation conducted each morning, just to get out the door on time, I’ve had a good few weeks – sitting on my butt most of the day, having adult convo, drinking tea while hot and going to the loo alone. Bliss. I have to do some work too, obviously but I’m still in the induction period and enjoying it; rediscovering that I have more skills than being able to juggle a couple of kids. I’m also part-time and that’s taken the most getting used to. It feels odd on a Wednesday to say ‘cheerio folks, have a good weekend’. I feel like I’m sloping off early while the others slave away for another two days, and that I’m somehow a bit of a slacker. Of course. I get a part-time wage so it’s all relative, but it’s taking some getting used to. I’ve always worked full time and now Thursdays feel like Saturdays. So confused!

Looking at: The National Trust brochure. My mum treated us to membership so we can enjoy some free and fun days out as a family. There are loads of cool places to visit, both locally and further afield, and we hope to make use of the passes one weekend very soon.

Wearing: Right now? Er… I’ll be honest, I’m wearing harem trousers and a maternity top (my son was born almost seven months ago!). The trousers are covered in formula milk and my top (which is comfy and loose in this mega heat) has smudges of a blended chicken/veggie combo down the side courtesy of my son. Did I say glamourous was my middle name? Er… well… it isn’t.

Cooking: Hubby tends to cook our evening meals (he enjoys taking ages to cook a meal while drinking wine) so I cook the kids’ meals. Okay, so today’s was cheesy beans but in recent weeks I’ve made cupcakes (I’m getting better, but still moderately rubbish), rhubarb crumble, cottage pie with veg and salmon and sweetcorn chowder.  So no, I won’t be applying to Masterchef.

Wondering:  What the hell happened to my PE kit. I was supposed to rejoin netball training this week after my ‘baby break’ but discovered the only shorts I have in my wardrobe are big enough to poke my foot through and that’s about it. I did, however, manage to find both trainers, one in the loft and another under the bed. Netball, you’ll have to wait another week for me.

Trying out: This week I went on an InDesign training course, to go over the basics. In my newspaper editor days I designed page layouts and used QuarkXpress for the best part of five years. I haven’t touched the software for a good few years and as InDesign is the ‘new’ Quark, I had a go today. It reminded me how much I like design (and how frustrating it can be to try something new) and I wonder if it’s something I can use more of in the future, both in and out of work.

So, there you have it. During my ‘blog break’ I have written posts for others, so I’ll whack links up shortly. And if you’ve made it this far, thanks SO MUCH for reading.

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