This is the story of me, Robyn Bateman (nee Slingsby) and don’t worry, it’s the shortened version.

What I do

I’m a journalist, aged 32 (the other week I FORGOT whether I was 31 or 32, which worries me slightly, but I did the math and I’m definitely 32).  For years I worked in regional newspapers, latterly as an editor, and for the past four and a bit years I’ve worked in communications/online media/community management and web editing. I’m working towards an MA in Online Journalism (part time, distance learning) with Birmingham City University.

Spare time

I play netball and volleyball, blog (obviously) and am currently very slowly editing my first novel. I love taking my dog Ralphie for walkies, eating out (or in) and experimenting (badly) in the kitchen. I LOVE reading! Oh, and if the world’s supply of mascara ever dried up I would never again leave the house. I’m a listaholic too, although my husband’s trying to wean me off these, and after all of the above I occasionally find time to shower.

If I was to be institutionalised it would be because…

…I have an unhealthy obsession with crime fiction. Jessica Fletcher for Prime Minister!!! Murder She Wrote is my absolute fave (I own series 1 to 9 boxsets, only three more to collect) and I’m partial to a spot of Miss Marple, Poirot, Columbo and Perry Mason. You see a theme here? My ideal career would be an armchair sleuth, closely followed by FBI agent and option number three would be to run a bookshop-come-tearoom by the sea.

More about me

This is where you’ll find me online.

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