The Making Of Us by Lisa Jewell

The Making Of Us by Lisa JewellLisa Jewell has penned a fair few novels but this was my introduction to her – and I’ll definitely be returning.

The Making Of Us charts the journey of three children, all a little bit lost, all searching for something but not really knowing what that something is.

Meanwhile, a Frenchman lies dying in a hospice, his last wish to see the children he helped into the world through sperm donation.

The story is told by Lydia, Robyn and Dean, in their own voices and Maggie, a friend of the Frenchman. And I love how the book flits between the characters’ viewpoint, each watching the story unfold with their own eyes; we, the reader, see what they see.  And the book joins them all together at the end with a burst of  the feel good factor.

I didn’t expect tears when I read this book but I really felt the characters’ inner turmoil and Lisa Jewell does an excellent job of creating very different characters with a very similar core.

The opening chapter makes me laugh hard.  This isn’t a funny book but the lighthearted opening makes the darker soul-searching side stand out all the more and illustrates different levels of loneliness.

I loved this book, it moved me and I don’t have a bad word to say about it. Now I have Lisa Jewell’s previous eight books to look forward to!

Robyn’s rating: 10/10

Posted: July 2011


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