Guest blogs

Sometimes I write blog posts for other people. Here are some of them:

Going to university at the age of 37: Times Higher Education

Although university is traditionally seen as the next step after school, it’s never too late to go into higher education, writes Robyn Bateman for Times Higher Education.

Why salsa dancing is good for Instagram journalists (and other tips on mobile phone health): Online Journalism Blog

Health and safety guidance for journalists typically focuses on traditional issues like working in dangerous locations, or using desktop computers. Few resources tackle the issues raised by frequent use of mobile devices for work. One exception is a new ebook on Instagram by one of my students, Robyn Bateman. In this extract, Robyn outlines the potential side effects of frequent mobile phone use and techniques to combat that.

A chat with Content Ed speaker, Robyn Bateman: Content Ed Live

On June 29 and 30 2017, we’ll be hearing from content experts and leaders in education about how to make content work strategically for your institution. In the meantime, we thought we’d introduce a few of the people that will be sharing their know-how at the event. First up, ever wondered how to make Instagram work for you? Former journalist and editor Robyn Bateman got the bug, and dived into a three-month experiment.

The importance of me time and how to get it: Del Monte UK

Being a mum is the most rewarding job in the world but it’s probably one of the most challenging, especially alongside a regular job! Mums are working longer hours than we ever have before, but it’s key to remember who we are above and beyond being a parent and to find that 20 minutes of ‘me time’ amidst the mayhem. Here are a few tips from Robyn Bateman.