InstHEgram eBook

I wrote an eBook. I think it’s brilliant but don’t take my word for it! Read this review.

Everything you need to know about Instagram in Higher Education. Learn how to source, create, plan and share content, engage with your community, grow followers and play the algorithm. Includes tried-and-tested planning tools, top tips and hacks.

Posting high quality square images every now and then sounds easy, right? But there’s so much more to Instagram and it will be eating up your time before you know it. Find out how to manage your time to best effect and enjoy a bundle of free resources, handy apps and tried-and-tested processes to make Instagram management successful and enjoyable.

InstHEgram: A ‘Uni’-versal Guide to Instagram in Higher Education (see what I did there?) covers the following: basics, toolkit, content and community, hashtags, scheduling, Instagram Stories, testing and learning (how to run a pilot), and measurement. And if you make it to the end, you’ll find out why you need to start salsa dancing,

Why this book?

InstHEgram was written following a three-month pilot conducted on The Open University’s (OU) Instagram account and is based on research, experimentation (and a few mistakes), and immersing one’s self in the world of Instagram (yes, it’s likely you might start dreaming in square images and seeing the world through filters). The book’s based on a real experience of Instagram in Higher Education from the perspective of the social media team at the OU, the UK’s largest university and pioneers of part-time distance learning.

We learned a lot – and so will you.

PS This book has a HE focus, but if you’re generally interested in making the most out of Instagram for Business, this book is for you too. You can also check out the InstHEgram Instagram (mouthful!!) page or Twitter.